About Deviant Elegance

Deviant Elegance came about from from sheer simple necessity ... it is very difficult to find elegant yet sexy alternative clothing that caters to a larger sizes that fits comfortably and yet deviates from the normal fare of gaudy tent like options.

Deviant Elegance started with custom made corsets with all the "right" historical details - flat steel bones at the center front and back, spiral steel bones on the sides to provide easier movement, 2 bones side by side at the seams to provide greater support, bone casings so the bones are padded and don't poke or bruise, waist tape for extra strength and support at the middle, 3 or 4 layers of materials - brocade or leather top layer, canvas or coutil center layer, and soft cotton batik for the inside layer next to the skin. There are two options for the busks - the traditional clip busk or the Deviant Elegance hook-and-eye closed busk. The lacing we provide is extra-strength para-cord however ribbon or flat laces are available.


Swing Skirt

Frock Coat